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New Album for 2016 2016年會發新專輯

It's been a busy year for Transition, because apart from the tours, the performances, the educational visits, they have been preparing a new album which is scheduled for release in the spring time. The band are really excited to get the new songs out to audiences around the world and see what kind of feedback there is! As their recent collaboration song with Hi-Tutor of Taiwan suggests, the band are keen once again to take their new album and 'Say Hi to The World.'

2015年前進樂團最後做的一件事情就是跟台灣的Hi-Tutor合作發行一首單曲 ‘Say Hi to The World',很期待2016年可以帶著新專輯到處去跟世界說hello!

Introducing the Transition story and new song with Hi-Tutor | Hi-Tutor和遠見雜誌的記者會,發表Say Hi to The World