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2015 China Tour Completed 2015年中國巡迴順利完成了!

After 21 cities, 21 Grand Theatres, over 7000 miles travelled in China, a total live audience of over 10 000 people, the 2015 China tour has come to an end. It was a huge success and we want to thank Magic Sound, Poly Theatre Management Company, Qmix, our amazing team and especially all the people who came to the shows and made the tour such an incredible experience!

We are looking forward to the next tour already, although there's a new album that needs finishing between now and then!!


當然要特別謝謝Magic Sound, 保利大劇院管理公司,Qmix,我們的團隊還有每一位來聽演出的朋友!你們讓巡迴更有意義,下次見我們會有很多新的歌曲!

The Acoustic Section in the Wuhan Show | 武漢演出不插電的部分
Rocking in Chongqing | 在重慶搖滾一下
Sound Checking in Yichun | 在宜春彩排
An Audience of Stars | 觀眾好漂亮
Interview for Shenzhen TV | 深圳電視台來訪問前進樂團
Great food was something we often found, these dumplings were superb! | 表演前吃美食讓我們的演出更好!
Getting ready for the show | 樂器準備好,心裡準備好,觀眾準備好了嗎?
It was a pleasure to have Shaun Gibson as our piano/keyboard player on this tour! | 很開心Shaun Gibson這次介入我們,鋼琴彈得很好!
Jes plays a solo | 吉他獨奏
Josh on the drum rise | 鼓的聲音很有力量
Robin and Jes going for it | 搖滾一下!
Storm Brewing in Wuxi | 颱風快要到無錫的那天
Right to left, Daniel, Robin, Josh, Jesse, Shaun, Neil. The Dream Team! | 除了Jes和Josh之外還有,很棒的團隊,吉他手Robin, 鋼琴手Shaun, 網路宣傳經理Daniel, 音控老師柯南!
The most expensive Theatre in the World to build! | 全世界最貴的大劇院(是說建築不是說票價)!
Rushing to take a train! | 因為颱風快要來所以要趕快大火車到上海!
Transition and the band | 前進樂團和樂手們
Telling the band's story | 介紹前進樂團的故事
Post Show Signing | 表演後要給觀眾們簽名
Transition Show July 14 | 好大的海報,前進樂團7/14的演出
Front row seats | 第一排拍的照片
Qingdao | 到達青島
Audience all around | 被觀眾圍繞
Dalian | 到達大連
Spaceship Theatre | 太空船劇院
Super Sound Engineer, Neil Lee | 厲害的音控老師柯南
Zhengzhou Theatre, Concert Hall and Museums | 鄭州大劇院,音樂廳和博物館
Zhengzhou City Centre | 鄭州市中心
Zhengzhou Concert Hall | 鄭州音樂廳
Post show chill out in Handan | 表演完和咖啡休息,在邯鄲
The road to Taiyuan, 6 hour bus journey | 邯鄲到太原,六個小時的車程
Taiyuan Grand Theatre | 太原大劇院
Taiyuan Show was a highlight | 太原的演出很精彩
Robin and the Loud Crowd | 羅賓漢要聽到尖叫聲
Long time no see | 好久不見
Elevator Team | 在電梯拍照
After the tour had officially finished, we used our last few hours in Beijing to play a small show for some friends | 巡迴結束之後,用我們在中國的最後幾個小時在北京表演給朋友聽!