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Josh and Ko Perform Drum Duet in Taipei 前進樂團的Josh和韓國知名鼓手Ko Dae-Hoon在台北進行精彩的爵士鼓表演

Transition's good friend Ko Dae-Hoon, a well known drummer in Korea and the leader of the award winning fusion band Uni-Fi, performed with Transition's Josh in Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Square in Taipei. Showing a whole variety of music styles, Josh and Ko took the audience on a rhythmic journey around the world to experience all kinds of different grooves and beats, of course, including some intense soloing!

知名的韓國鼓手Ko Dae-Hoon和前進樂團的Josh在台北的中正紀念堂進行了一個很精彩的爵士鼓演出。兩位表演了多種風格的音樂,帶著觀眾認識世界各地的節奏和不同年代的爵士鼓獨奏。

Josh and Ko performing in Taipei Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Square (Photo from CKS) | Josh和Ko在中正紀念堂外面的民主大道表演
Almost ready to start (Photo from @Syedbrookephotography) | 準備開始表演
The audience circled the performers (Photo from @Syedbrookephotography) | 觀眾圍繞了演出者
(Photo from @Syedbrookephotography)
(Photo from @Syedbrookephotography)