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Transition Perform at London Trafalgar Square Chinese New Year Celebration! 前進樂團在倫敦特拉法加廣場的過年演唱會當壓軸!

It was an historic night on Sunday when Transition performed two of their hit songs as part of the finale of the London Trafalgar Square Chinese New Year concert. Niall Dunne 'Polar Bear' was back making a special appearance with Transition again as the band sang their hit songs 'Sorry my Chinese isn't so Good' and 'Jin Tian Wan Shang' and the 12000 capacity crowd entered into the atmosphere of the moment, singing along and enjoying every second.
Transition were also honoured to cooperate with Beijing-based singer songwriter Su Zixu, backing him as he performed his newest single, a song which fuses the ancient poetry of Li Bai with a contemporary oriental acoustic groove.

前進樂團在倫敦特拉法加廣場的演出真是一個難忘的時刻。已經兩年沒有出來表演的 ‘北極熊’ 像從來沒離開過直接又融入前進樂團讓演出更加美麗!超過一萬人的觀眾享受了前進樂團獨一無二的風格,加入合唱讓氣氛很high!
另外很榮幸的事情就是前進樂團跟來自呼和浩特的創作歌手 ’苏紫旭‘ 合作唱他最新單的曲,真是一個難忘的夜晚!祝大家新年快樂狗年旺旺旺;)

Transition at Trafalgar Square 2018 | 前進樂團在特法拉加廣場2018演唱會
Capacity Crowd well in excess of 10 000 | 超過萬人的觀眾
Performing together with Su Zixu | 跟 苏紫旭 一起合作