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Transition Tour Completed 前進樂團2014秋天巡迴成功了!

The September tour of mainland China was an amazing experience for us. Beijing, Changsha, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Hangzhou, each city with it's own atmosphere and heritage. It was an amazing experience to be able to travel around so much of mainland China in such a short space of time and we were all astounded by the speed of development. It was also a privilege to get to meet quite a few different local bands!


It all began in Beijing | 我們從北京開始了
Changsha Orange Island Music Festival | 長沙橘子洲音樂節
Changsha Orange Island | 長沙橘子洲音樂節
Changsha Orange Island Festival | 長沙橘洲音樂節
Many interviews along the way | 接受了很多媒體的訪問
In Shenzhen with HK's Supper Moment | 在深圳的演出好精彩,HK天團Supper moment也表演了!
On Air in Shenzhen | 來上DJ妞妞的節目
To HK | 香港
Up the coast to Xiamen | 下一站廈門
and then Shanghai | 然後上海,Mao Livehouse
Sky Lantern was a favourite right through the tour | 新歌‘天燈’一直收到觀眾們的歡迎
The tour family, including tour manager Xu Chen and Promotion manager Celine (just graduated from UWE in our hometown) | 巡迴團體,巡演經理Xu Chen, 和宣傳經理Celine(剛從我們家鄉的西英格蘭大學畢業)!
After the last show of the tour, a trip to West Lake | 最後一場表演完之後,我們去西湖逛逛