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Transition New Album Available Now! 前進樂團的新專輯 無限視野 上市!

Transition前進樂團12月9日發行了他們的全新創作專輯 ‘無限視野’,也是他們的第二張中文專輯。剛做完第一段在台灣的宣傳,專輯收到一個很熱烈的反應!
Transition's new album 'Unlimited Perspective' has been extremely well received already, particularly in Taiwan, where the first stage of promotion has been taking place during the month of December!

New Single ‘Wo Ai Ni’ Released 前進樂團發行新的單曲 ’我愛妳‘

Transition's first single from the new album is a song about some of the cultural misunderstandings that can happen between British and Chinese culture, particularly in a love relationship!

Transition New Album and Concerts in Taipei! 前進樂團即將發新專輯 - 還有台北演唱會!

Transition's new album is being released in December, with two live shows in Taipei to mark the launch!

New Album for 2016 2016年會發新專輯

It's been a busy year for Transition, because apart from the tours, the performances, the educational visits, they have been preparing a new album which is scheduled for release in the spring time. The band are really excited to get the new songs out to audiences around the world and see what kind of feedback there is!

2015 China Tour Completed 2015年中國巡迴順利完成了!


After 21 cities, 21 Grand Theatres, over 7000 miles travelled in China, a total live audience of over 10 000 people, the 2015 China tour has come to an end. It was a huge success and we want to thank everyone involved, particularly our team!

Dates Released for China Tour 2015 2015年中國巡演行程出來了!

Following the success of the 2014 China tour to 10 cities around mainland China, Transition are embarking on a 21 city tour running from late June through until the end of July!

Transition Cover Faye Wong 前進樂團翻唱王菲的歌 ’紅豆‘

We wanted to find an English scene that could somehow fit the atmosphere of this song. A contemplative and slightly sad song, we also wanted to add a bit of a smoother groove to weave in with the melancholy lyrics, hopefully you'll enjoy it.

Chinese New Year 新年快樂!

It's been a busy Chinese New Year season for Transition, with performances in many locations including Benenden School in Kent, BBC Radio, Bristol Museum and the CSSA Chinese New Year Gala!

Golden Indie Nomination 入圍金音創作獎

Transition are delighted to announce that we have been nominated for the 'Best Foreign Mandarin Band' at the Taiwan Golden Indie Awards. It's an historic event for us because we've now become the first UK band to ever be nominated for a mandarin music award, thanks for the support everyone, see you all at the award ceremony in Taipei in December!

Transition Tour Completed 前進樂團2014秋天巡迴成功了!

The September tour of mainland China was an amazing experience for us. Beijing, Changsha, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai, Hangzhou, each city with it's own atmosphere and heritage, here are a few pictures from the tour!